• Where do I find the serial number? On my Grip? On my Thunder? On my Spirit and on my Pen?

 Grips: There is only a serial number for the grips for Thunder and Spirit. Pen grips do not have one. They are located on the back side of the grip shaft, which is screwed on the machine. Just unscrew the adjusting sleeve. The serial number starts with an "N".

Thunder/Spirit: The serial number of the device is located on the shaft that connects to the power supply.  It starts with "H".

Hawk Pen: The serial number for the Pen can be found on the shaft underneath the grip. In order to find it please unscrew the grip completely. The serial number starts with a "P".

Power Unit (PU): The serial number of the Power Unit is located on the back side of the device.  It consists of a 12 digit code, beginning with "SN".


  • Why is it important to write down my serial number, when I send in my machine?

 With the serial number, we find the status of your repair in our system. It is important to tell us your serial number, in case you have any telephone inquiries or e-mail requests regarding your repair status.


  • Can I send my defect machine to my point of purchase?

 Sure, your dealer will assist you with returning your defective device.


  • How and why do I lose my warranty?

You will lose the warranty if your machine is damaged by negligence or is opened by unauthorized staff/personnel.

Please remember, we have patented tools to open the machines.


  • How long does my warranty last?

Generally, you have a guarantee period of 24 months starting from the purchase of your product. In individual cases there may be a 6-months warranty extension.